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Creando Pensamus is a small paper-based local business that is passionate about creativity & design

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For a number of years, I have had a slight obsession with purchasing notebooks. Some of them never even get written in and just sit looking nice on my shelf. Others however have so many sketches, notes and thoughts in them from over the years that it is so enjoyable to read back on them.

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When I first came across Creando Pensamus I was intrigued by their creative style. Their small hand-printed notebooks are the ideal size for those quick everyday notes as they fit perfectly into a small handbag or even a large back-pocket. Creando Pensamus have a wide range of very appealing patterned/hand-drawn journals to choose from, just look at some of these examples I had the chance to photograph...

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Rachel at Creando Pensamus is passionate about using recycled material wherever possible when creating her products so she makes sure that her packaging is 100% recyclable, making it easier for us to recycle also.

If you are intrigued by the name Creando Pensamus like I was, you will really enjoy learning more about Rachel and why she chose this name over on her website. I love a good meaning behind a business name and this one is perfect!

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Rachel also creates pretty prints & designs nifty notebooks

A big part of Rachel's business is creating customised notebooks. If you have always wanted a notebook with your favourite quote or lyrics printed on the front then Creando Pensamus is your solution! Her hand-printed, customised journals are a supreme gift for a friend or an even better keepsake for yourself. To see some of Rachel's previous customised products visit her website.

...and just when you thought this girl couldn't be any more talented, she also creates pretty prints as well as nifty notebooks.

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Her animal related prints come in a variety of sizes and are sure to brighten up your home. They are are created from the original acrylic based paintings and printed onto high quality paper. 

I use notebooks daily to write down thoughts, to do's, ideas, diary dates, photography tips and blog ideas. This means I go through quite a lot of notebooks that I never want to get rid of because I love having the opportunity to go back and read them. With having so many jotters, it is hard to keep them all together. If you also have this struggle then have a look at Rachel's cure for those unorganised notes here, where she offers a binder and paper clip set to keep those thoughts intact.

These are one of my top recommended gifts for Christmas! They are personal, a perfect 'stocking filler' size and they are practical. Who doesn't love a combination of a practical and pretty gift?!

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