Deborah Neill - Natural Irish Soap Therapy

Deborah Neill is a soap maker from the seaside town of Donaghadee

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When I stepped into Deborah's studio space at her home in Donaghadee, I was instantly surrounded by soaps that had just been made ready to sit for 6 weeks, some still in the molding process and some ingredients being used to make the next batch. I was fascinated at the knowledge that Deborah had about soap making and could have listened to her all day!

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Each soap is enriched with natural ingredients, they don't contain any preservatives or chemicals that may cause your skin to react and they will leave your skin feeling clean and hydrated! If you are looking for a soap that is going to be kinder to your skin then I cannot recommend these to you enough!

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Over the last week or so, I have been using the 'Scrubber Soap' on my skin. I struggle with skin dryness and growing up I had to cut out most bath and shower soaps due to the sensitivity of my skin. Although my skin is a lot less prone to dryness now,  I am still very cautious with what soaps and creams I use on my body. The 'Scrubber Soap' has left my skin feeling smooth, hydrated and overall looking a lot healthier! 

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It is enriched with poppy seeds and nettle powder and it is perfect for a deep cleansing of the skin!

The Other soap that I have been using is the 'Spa Soap'. As well as a hand and body soap it can be used as a shampoo. It has a creamy consistency similar to other shampoos but with the benefit of knowing that it is made up of 100% natural ingredients. The geranium and lavender aromas that are released when using this bar are really relaxing and beneficial

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The packaging of these soaps is something that I really love and appreciate. I love that each soap has a unique bio about them in their box which tells you what the soap is enriched with and the best way in which to use it!

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The size and shape of the soaps and their individual boxes makes it simple to pack them for a holiday so you can take your soap bar with you to keep your skin hydrated and cared for even when your away from the comforts of home.

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Deborah sells her handmade soaps in two sizes, a large bar and a smaller size. You can also purchase a pack of three small different soaps, a prefect little gift for a friend!

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If you are interested in purchasing any of Deborah's soaps or if you want to find out some more information about her, her business or her products, you can follow the links below. 

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She also stocks her soaps in a number of different shops across Northern Ireland such as
Oscar & Joy
The Wicker Man

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