Freebird is a Northern Irish Tea & Coffee company who provide something special with every purchase.

If you drink at least 3 cups of tea a day... or maybe more then this is the feature for you.

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Freebird is a creative and exciting artisan Tea & Coffee company with bases in Belfast and Dundalk. They supply to a range of coffee shops in Northern Ireland such as Guilt Trip in East Belfast and Homebird in Holywood. Alongside their monthly subscription that offers a wide range of delicious blends they are giving away a tea experience worth every penny.

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I am a lover of the good old 'breakfast tea'. I think it is perfect for every part of the day whether it be in the morning with a piece of toast or in the afternoon with a chocolaty snack.



Since I started drinking loose leaf tea I have never gone back. Everything about loose leaf is better than a tea bag plus, it's more fun! If a tea pot all to yourself doesn't make you feel important, I don't know what will.

One of my favourite things about Freebird is that they cater to individual taste. They offer a subscription service that best suits you, you decide where you want it delivered and it arrives within a week. When it arrives, you can even decide how strong you want it by adding as much or as little tea as you would like to your teapot.

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When my box of tea arrived in the post it was the best part of that day. The aromas that crept out of that box were simply divine! Not only from the Breakfast tea that I had ordered but from the Spiced Apple tea sample that they had generously popped into my box. As soon as the aromas filled my senses, the kettle was on.

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I am a HUGE fan of personal touches when recieving an online order and the guys at Freebird are all over that with the free samples and their personal handwritten note.

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Freebird also provide a two-step detox pack that offers a cleanse for your body using a range of their different blends. Click here to find out more about their Teatox .

If you are a herbal tea lover, a breakfast tea lover or maybe you just want to start experiencing some new tea flavours, then Freebird is the ideal choice for you. 

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The lovely team at Freebird generously give 10% of their profits every month to a Ugandan charity that provides health care and support for those who need it most.

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Please feel free to share so others can experience Freebird Tea for themselves and to help a person in need with every cup.

Thanks for reading.