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Lucy Annabella make and sell luxury organic bath and body products that help to relax your mind and body.

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Each bottle of Bath Milk and Treatment Oil is made with organic ingredients made to sooth your skin, calm your body and inner being.

Lucy Annabella sell a range of different fragrance'd bath products, all of them made to make you feel restored and whole again.

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The two Lucy Annabella product collections I have been using over the last few weeks are Frankincense & Geranium Bath Milk and Treatment Oil and Orange and Marjoram. You can put the Treatment Oil directly onto your skin or you can add it to your bath. I like to add a few drops to the bath with the same fragrance'd Bath Milk as it helps the oil to spread.

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One of my favourite fragrances is Geranium, its has a number of health benefits and can be used as treatment to improve emotional, physical and mental health.

Some of the health benefits of Geranium

- Reduces Inflammation
- Alleviates Anxiety

- Balances Hormones
- Used to treat Acne

- Wound Healing

With an oil with so many benefits, it is worth trying as a natural tool to improve your mood, body and mental health.

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If you read my last blog post you will already know that I am quite the fan of a good long bath. If I could have one everyday... I would! 
For me, they are a space to clear my head, to take some 'me' time and to generally relax after a tough day.

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Marjoram essential oil has many healing benefits to the body. It can be used to reduce pains related to fevers and toothache, cure muscle spasm's and cramps, reduce hormone trouble such as PMS and it can help to relieve stress. 

Marjoram is a calming oil and as a bath milk, combined with orange fragrance it is perfect for those moments when we need a little bit of self healing and rest.

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Lucy Annabella started their business with the passion to make luxury bath products from organic plants and herbs. They have made their products with scents that will instantly make you feel restoration and a desire to bathe in the fragrances and feel those essential oil benefits slowly work on healing your mind and body.

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Along with their packaging and their ethos Lucy Annabella have created high quality bath products guaranteed to reassure you back to feeling like 'you' again.

Lucy Annabella also sell Organic Aromatic candles made with 100% soya wax and essential oils also designed to restore your mind and body and make your home smelling fresh with their natural fragrances.

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