OutsideIn are a clothing brand based in Northern Ireland who have started an incredible movement.

They have a powerful ethos and are making a huge difference to the homeless community in Northern Ireland. To find out more about what they are doing visit their Website and head to their Instagram page for some amazingly creative content. On their social platforms you have the opportunity to look through their stunning products and become a part of their movement, enjoy!

H&A 1

My main concept for this shoot was to highlight how the OutsideIn hats suit different environments. 

Jude 1

One of the key benefits of these products is that the 5 panel doesn't only suit guys but it looks pretty rockin' on girls too. Personally I love uni-sex products. Being able to share certain items of clothing with my other half or my friends gives me real pleasure. 

leneal 1
J&L 1

The one activity I enjoy the most in life is grabbing my camera, heading out with some friends and going on an adventure. This is something I wanted to capture in this series of photographs for O.I. Adventure and fun with friends captured naturally.

J&L 3
Helen & Andrew-14.jpg
Jude and Lenea-12.jpg
Jude and Lenea-15.jpg

I had a blast photographing these two particular hats for O.I and I would highly recommend checking out their other products such as their Uni-Sex T-Shirts. They have a wide range of hats, so you can be sure to find one that suits you.. or if your not a hat person (come on.. everyone loves a hat)... they can make great presents for others and for every one you buy, someone living without a home gains a little something as well! 

Follow OutideIn on Instagram here - https://www.instagram.com/weare_oi/
Like OutsideIn on Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/weareOi/

To see more photographs from the shoot click here.

Please feel free to share to keep this movement growing!

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