People are always looking for a healthier snack..I know I am. Thankfully Pinkfinch have solved all our snacking worries. They offer a healthy alternative to crisps that taste SO great!

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Veg Crisps

These vegetable crisps are different than your ordinary sweet potato, beetroot and carrot sorted bag. Pinkfinch veg crisps are so full of flavour you wont be able to put them down. I have never come across Sugar snap or green bean crisps before and i'm so glad they have been introduced into my life. Pinkfinch really have the ability to lock in natural flavours.

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Sourced from the sweetest and freshest vegetables, these tasty snacks will be the best thing you ever add to your lunch or afternoon snack... or both!

Fruit Crisps

So I know banana chips are nothing new BUT most banana chips I have tasted are unnaturally sweet and not very authentic. I can tell you that there is nothing unnatural about Pinkfinch Banana and Apple crisps. They are 100% natural and one of your five a day.. Crisps being one of your five a day, I cant think of anything better!

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They are real fruit with the texture of a crisp. Pinkfinch fruit and veg crisps are suitable for vegans, they are also gluten and nut free.

Pinkfinch have not only spent a lot of time figuring out how to lock in the most flavour to their products, they have also dedicated a lot of time to their packaging and design. They wanted a clean design that shows exactly what is inside the bag. I really love their packaging design, I love the bold colours and the simplicity. These colourful bags definitely grabbed my attention.


Pinkfinch created their name from a legendary rumoured bird that prides itself to only picking the sweetest and freshest fruit and berries.

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Here is a list of a few places you can find Pinkfinch Crisps.

Centra, Holywood
Supervalue, Moira
Moran's Centra, Coleraine
Simpsons, Antrim

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