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Plumpy Balms is a locally run business that hand makes and designs vegan balms and tints.

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Plumpy Balms is run by the wonderful Valerie who lives and works in Belfast. 
She hand makes these beautiful balms in her spare time and really pushes herself by selling at local markets around Northern Ireland. I love her passion and dedication to pursuing something she so clearly loves!

Plumpy balms offer a variety of lip balms so you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. Each balm is made with Shea butter as its base and then other natural ingredients are added.

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As well as their balms being 100% vegan they are also made with 99% natural ingredients. They feel so light and creamy and its encouraging to know that what i'm putting on my skin is made carefully and without ingredients that are damaging to the skin. Each lip balm contains Rosehip oil which is rich in skin friendly vitamins, organic and free from any harmful ingredients!

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As well as natural soothing lip balms, Plumpy balms also offer a selection of tinted balms. As someone who wears very little colour on my lips, I find the tinted lip balms perfect for that subtle dash of colour to my every day make up. The great thing about the lip tints is that you can add as little or as much as you like so if you are into popping lip colours just add that little more on and it can be perfect for you too!

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Sometimes when I feature business I don't always have the opportunity to meet the person or people behind the products. With Valerie it was completely different she and I were eager to meet and the short time that we had together was perfect! I really understood and appreciated the story behind her business and I wish her every success with Plumpy Balms.

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If you want to find out more about Plumpy Balms and how to purchase them I have listed a few links below.

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Visit Plumpy Balms Website to learn more about them and have a browse on their online shop!

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