Wee Choco

WeeChoco are a Northern Irish chocolate company with a range of beautiful flavours just waiting for you to try.

Caramel, Honeycomb and Seasalt... these are only a few of the amazing flavours WeeChoco have to offer.

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I can still remember the first time I discovered WeeChoCo at a Christmas market... where I bought 4 bars and never looked back! Ever since I have bought them nearly every year for Christmas or birthday presents. With their unusual but mouth watering flavours, they are always a chocolate company that I head back to time and time again.

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With their base in Moneyreagh, WeeChoCo retails to a range of different shops all over Northern Ireland. Not only do they sell chocolate, they also provide chocolate making courses for children and adults. If you're buying 4 bars at a time like me but that still isn't enough, you can learn all about how they make their unique chocolate at one of their educational and fun workshops. Click here to find out more about their chocolate making workshops.

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The team at WeeChoCo provide opportunities for young people with learning difficulties to gain work experience in a real factory setting. The young people are trained in chocolate making, learning new skills both inside and outside the factory giving everyone involved a real sense of achievement - and a tasty reward for all the hard work!


WeeChoCo comes in a range of unique and enticing flavours as well as a classic plain or dark chocolate bar. So whatever your taste, you will not be disappointed. If you aren't much of a chocolate eater and you think you maybe couldn't handle a whole bar WeeChoco also provide a perfect pocket size bar for every one of their flavours.

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If you have a passion for supporting local businesses and tasty choco treats, then add WeeChoCo chocolate company to your list. I promise there is a flavour just waiting for you to fall in love with.

Some of the places that supply WeeChoco are; 
Studio Souk, Belfast
- Queens University, Belfast
- Arcadia Deli, Belfast
- Mckees Farm Shop, Newtownards

To Find out a little more about WeChoCo - http://www.weechoco.com/
Like WeChoCo on facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/WeeChoCo/

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