Autumn Wreath Making Workshop

Lats month I had the pleasure of capturing Shared Threads Autumn Wreath making Workshop with Gathered Threads at Frocess Yard in Clough Mills.

shared threads 1

Although this workshop was about bringing people together and making beautiful unique wreaths.. it was also a great opportunity to learn more about Shared Threads and find out a little bit more about what Kirsty does.

shared threads 2
shared threads

Kirsty runs a charity called Shared Threads that make cloth sanitary pads with recycled cotton for women who cant afford them.

So many women and girls worldwide don’t have access to sanitary products and Kirsty is trying to raise awareness of the challenges that they face everyday because of it.

If you would like to learn more about Shared Threads you can find Kirsty on Instagram and Facebook.

Below are a few photos from the wreath making workshop, a fundraiser for Shared Threads.

shared 4
shared 5
shared 6
shared 7
shared threads
shared threads
shared threads