Lynette Murray - Studio A114


I have known Lynette for just over two years, ever since she styled my wedding hair - it has always been such a pleasure to be in her company. I was extremely happy to be invited to Lynette’s homely studio in Portview to capture her in her element and ask her some questions about the journey she had been on to get her where she is today.

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Tell us a little bit about how you got into hairdressing?

”I always wanted to do hairdressing but my parents always encouraged me to focus on my education first so I agreed and continued with my studies. Unfortunately around that time my Granda fell ill and before he passed away, he had always encouraged me to follow my dream. He told me that if I wanted to be a hairdresser that I should step out and go and be the best goddamn hairdresser I can be. I went to study hairdressing at Rupert Stanley college in Belfast and from there I went on on train at Patrick Mulholland hair in Holywood at the age of 21…

I was always interested in hairdressing, from a young age I used to play with my sisters hair and style it when I was 5 or 6 years old. Although I grew up with very academic siblings, hairdressing was always the one thing I was passionate about.”

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When did you decide to open A114 and why?

“I opened my studio in March 2017 and it was the best decision I ever made! Stepping out on my own from working in a studio with other people was scary, I loved the comradery of working with people but I had come to a point in my life where I wanted a place that was my own, with my own values and my own ethic. Opening A114 was a breakthrough of realisation for me that I didn’t have to follow the crowd. I have the opportunity now to use all ethically sourced products that are chemical free, products that I know won’t harm me or my clients. Now that I use ‘O Way’ a company that make chemical free products, I have a refillable station for shampoos, conditioners and hairsprays which provides less plastic waste. It is so important for me to know where my products are coming, from even the tea and coffee that I offer my clients is Fair Trade.”

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"There are so many benefits of having my own studio. One of the most important reasons to me is that it gives me the flexibility to spend time with my family, especially my little daughter. I choose my own hours and work 4 days a week to give me the time to be with her. She is the most important thing to me in the whole world.”

I noticed that you have a lot of local art on your walls, tell us a little bit about who they are and why you choose them for your studio…

When I first opened the studio I wanted to support as many local artists as possible. I love Deborah Toner, she is epic! I got married in the Ulster Museum and have a postcard by Deborah in the studio and I also have some of her smelly pouches around the studio. I have some framed Arbee Cards, lovely embroideries by Roberta Marina Stitches and some greenery displays from Innocent Chaos who is also based in Portview along with lots of other local businesses. On the back wall of the studio I have artwork by a friend of mine who I have known for years. Being a Christian is a big part of my life and I love how she portrays God through her work. I have a few of my favourite Bible quotes dotted around the studio, I love having the opportunity to support local artists in my own space and display work that means a lot to me.”

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What are your future dreams for Studio A114?

“I started off hairdressing as Lynette Murray Hair but when I moved to Portview I realised that my space in portview was called A114 so that was when I changed my studio name to Studio A114. It would be an absolute dream for me to be able to have more Studio A114’s dotted around the world. A Studio that was started by me that uses ethically sourced products. I hope and believe that more and more people will become aware of the environment, using less plastic and less chemical filled products. I believe that all small impacts, over time make a difference so with that in mind I would love to have more than one Studio A114 that I could proudly say ‘I did that’ I have only been in Portview a short time so there is a lot more to come!”


Studio A114 is based in Portview Mill in East Belfast. You can follow Lynette and her studio on Instagram.
You can also get in touch with Lynette and view some of her handy work on her website.