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Stitch + Press is a nursery bedding and accessories business that designs and creates organically made materials for babies and children.

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First of all, let me introduce you to Sarah and her wonderful studio which is filled with so much personality! Seeing Sarah surrounded by her self-designed materials and sets of children & baby clothes, I must admit I was a little jealous of the creative space she has made for herself!

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Stitch + Press is a local baby and children's clothing business that hand-makes all their products and designs the ever-so-adorable patterns on them. Sarah's business Stitch + Press is devoted to having most of her products made with organic materials. This means that the majority of her designs are printed onto high quality fabrics using water based inks.

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Clothes for babies and children made from organic fabrics are ultimately kinder to the skin.The reason for this is that they are produced with less harmful chemicals than regular clothes.


Stitch + Press have a range of different clothes and accessories. They offer different styles, sizes and colours available for you to buy as set items or individually so you can mix and match. All of their designs are created for both boys and girls and are made with fabrics that are designed to give your child the most comfort.

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As well as beautifully made clothes, Stitch + Press also make quilts and blankets. These can make perfect long term special gifts for new born babies.

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Thanks so much to Sarah from Stitch + Press for inviting me to come and capture some of her designs, It was a privilege to see around her studio, learn more about her creative process and photograph her products. 

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Have a look on their Etsy shop to see more of Sarah's delightful children's clothes and baby sets.

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