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When you find a business that is successfully run by a brother and sister, you know you have found something special.

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Sarah and Lorcan started Enrich & Endure with a passion to rekindle the Linen Industry in Northern Ireland. They began by making homeware products that sold far and wide but knew there was something more for them out there.. Cue The Apron!

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With a natural interest in coffee, Lorcan and Sarah started collaborating with a popular coffee shop in Dublin. Now they provide aprons for over sixty different cafe's in Southern and Northern Ireland.
As well as supplying aprons to the teams of some of the best coffee shops in Ireland, Enrich & Endure have broken into London, providing aprons for some of their top restaurants. 

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When Enrich & Endure start to collaborate with someone they make it their priority to get to know them and their style to provide them with the best product that is unique to their business.

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All Enrich & Endure products are made of 100% Irish Linen and handcrafted in Northern Ireland. Lorcan and Sarah are based in Banbridge. This is where they hand prepare every home-ware order that they receive and give each package their personal touch.

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They take immense care over each of their orders and prepare them with unique style and precision. Using their Linnet bird stamp to brand each order.

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Enrich & Endure has become so much more than a brother and sister led company. Each product is made up of excellent design to last and to provide you with an apron that builds character with each use. Each apron is embroidered with a Linnet Bird, a stamp that marks all of the above characteristics onto each handmade product.

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Meeting Sarah and Lorcan was such a treat! They have a real passion behind what they do and and it is reflected in their products. It is always a pleasure to meet people who love what they do and who's faces light up when talking about how far they have come from where they started in 2013.

Look at these happy faces!!

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