Ahhh the feeling when you finally get to work with someone you have been following for years... That's how I feel about Danielle from FlaxFox.

flaxfox 1

Danielle is an artist living in Belfast, she mostly sketches iconic buildings and landmarks around Northern Ireland. She sells her drawings as giclee prints and as original screenprints. These reproductions are also printed onto tea towels, mugs and postcards. 

flax fox

Danielle has a stall set up at St. Georges market every weekend. She also sells her products in lots of local galleries and gift shops around Northern Ireland such as Yard Gallery, Studio Souk and In Klover.

flax fox st georges
flax fox st georges

One of the top things I love about photographing local makers is being able to see a tiny glimpse into their world, where they work and how they work.

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When I go to an artist or a makers space to take photographs I never quite know what to expect but meeting Danielle at her lovely home in Belfast was beyond what I was hoping for.

flax fox
flax fox

As I followed her through her hallway (with dream floor tiles) and into her home, meeting a little human on the way, we stopped at her garden studio that she shares with her videographer husband Ben.

Stepping into Danielle's outdoor studio was a a dream. Her work space was full of character. Pieces she has been working on, complete paintings, paints, brushes and chalks all the tools she needs to create her wonderful original drawings.

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It was hard not to get carried away chatting to Danielle as I photographed her making some adjustments to some paintings she has already started, she talks to passionately about what she does and she gladly told me how it all began for her and Flax Fox Designs. 

flax fox

Danielle does it all, as well as creating reproductions and original art pieces she also designs big commissions for businesses. In her spare time her passion is still burning as she loves to think and create new ideas that aren't necessarily for anyone else but to create time that is her own to put onto paper the ideas that have been inspiring her.

flax fox
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Danielle's work carries with it a sense of nostalgia. People love to buy something that reminds them of a place they have fond memories of and she loves drawing those places. Whether its a bar in Belfast or an iconic landscape in Ireland. If there is one person that understands that feeling of connecting to something it's this talented lady right here.

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