Justin Wood

Justin Wood is a family run business that designs and creates beautiful handmade wooden furniture.


The man behind this beautifully designed woodwork is Mark Justin. He runs this business with his family included (watch his instagram story to see some little helpers) to provide people with handmade furniture for their homes.

justin wood 1

When I arrived to capture part of Mark's everyday routine in the workshop he showed me a few tools that he had used years prior when he spent some time in his Grandfathers workshop learning new ways to create things. I love that he still uses those same tools to make his products today.... and to my surprise they still work really well!

justin wood 2
justin wood 3

When we were chatting about Justin Wood and how it began, I released that this started from a pure passion for creating new ideas, learning how different techniques work and comprehensive designs. Mark clearly gets a lot of pleasure from the business he has passionately built. I am certain that every piece he makes will be unique and full of heart!

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One of the many great things about Justin Wood is that they provide you with unique gifts for a range of people! To have a look at more of the products they are selling check out their Etsy Shop here. I guarantee you will find something that is either perfect for you or for a friend!

Recently Justin Wood has branched out a little bit of the furniture making world and dipped into the wedding world creating some stunning wedding accessories, perfect for your special day. Have a look on their Instagram page for more photos of their stunning wedding products.

just wood 7

With Christmas coming upon us, keep Justin Wood in mind for a unique handmade gift for your friends and family. They are an absolute pleasure to work with and really good at catering to your personalised product needs! 

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