Paperchain Jewellery

Paperchain is a local Non-Profit charity who design and create a range of stunning paper made jewellery.

I bet you wouldn't believe me if I said you could buy gorgeous jewellery, that has been designed locally and handcrafted from paper... well you can and this is it! Welcome to the world of Paperchain.

paperchain 1

The team at Paperchain design and create stunning pieces of jewellery, handmade from paper in Uganda. I have never seen jewellery quite like this. They are unique and unusual but most of all incredibly beautiful. 

I had the opportunity to photograph a range of necklace styles. The team at Paperchain have a really amazing ability to design a variety of styles to suit a variety of people. Each piece is vibrant and has its own personality, perfect for a dress up or a dress down look.

paperchain 2

Paperchain is made up of a team of makers based in Uganda and designers based in Belfast. They work together to not only create a variety of eye catching products but to create a community that brings both men and women together and encourages children off the streets of Uganda and into homes and welcoming them to new beginnings, offering them an education and to socialise with others of their age group.

paperchain 4

Each bead is handmade from paper, newspaper or magazine clippings and cut into the desired size and shape. Some are then varnished then made into a carefully designed necklace. Isn't it amazing to be have the opportunity to wear something that so much passion and hard work has been put into?

With a range of necklaces in different styles and colours, you are postive to find a style that suits you. Think of Paperchain when you are thinking of purchasing a new accessory or maybe buying a gift for a friend. 

paperchain yellow

After hearing about Paperchain from a friend, I jumped at the opportunity to take photographs of their collection. I personally love all their winter tones, the dark greens and blues and the classic black. Paperchain have a real eye for complimenting colours and they have made each piece unique by doing so. 

While also having a range of necklaces and bracelets. Paperchain have also started a small range of home-ware such as aprons made from African Kitenge and combined with Irish linen, table runners and place mats. They also have a range of tote bags. 

On their website you will find the necklaces photographed above in a range of different colours and many more styles. 


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