The Handcrafted Gallery

The Handcrafted gallery is a new space that provides a platform for local makers to display and sell their products.

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When I heard there was a new local gift shop in Newtownards.. I couldn’t wait to check it out!! I love going to new and unique places especially when they are fully supporting local makers in Ireland.. and The Handcrafted Gallery are doing just that.


The Handcrafted Gallery is nicely nestled in to The Precinct in Newtownards. A space that is provided for a number of specialised businesses. At Handcrafted you are welcomed with a smile from the lovely women that have dedicated their time to working there.

This lovely gift shop was started by a team from the Ards Business Centre that run a program to help new independent local business get on their feet. While helping these local makers they realised that a lot of their products would benefit from a physical platform where people could physically see, smell and touch their products before purchasing them.

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I really love the mix of products that were offered at The Handcrafted gallery. It was nice to see a range of jewellery by different makers and being able to appreciate their different styles.

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The Handcrafted gallery are passionate about encouraging local businesses to grow and develop as businesses by promoting their products and giving them confidence to push themselves further. The platform they have provided gives these local makers an opportunity to see how their products sell and gives them a chance to be made known to others who may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.


Hosting a range of products such as chocolate, soap, art, candles, essential oils and cushions. They have created a diverse space that attracts many people. This is the perfect little spot to pick up a gift that has been made by someone who is completely passionate about what they do and appreciates every penny.


As Christmas approaches I would highly The Handcrafted Gallery as one of your shopping stops! They are hosting a Christmas evening on Thursday 6th of December where they will be serving hot chocolate that they sell and giving the opportunity to win a local hamper and raise money for charity.


Below is a short list of some of the local makers The Handcrafted Gallery are supporting.

Amy Scott Design
Steph Hanlon Art
Seasnail Studio
Wild Oats Soap
The Honeysuckle Bee and Me
Little Tangle
Girl Limit

If you are reading this and are interested in promoting your products through The Handcrafted Gallery you can find them on Instagram and Facebook.