ASTRL Fibres

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing ASTRL Fibres. A local Belfast based business making and selling Macramé products.

astrl 1

Meeting and working with Alison these last couple of weeks has been a blast! I love chatting to her about what she does, her working process and also just having general life conversation in between shots.

astrl 2
astrl 3

Alison makes beautiful Macramé products for your home. As I have said before.. I am a little bit house plant obsessed! So of course I jumped at the chance to work with Alison and to capture her amazing handmade home-ware and accessories in her cozy space in Studio Souk.

astrl 4

I loved watching Alison zone into making her macramé plant holder and I was fascinated by each fold and knot of string and rope she uses to create these beautiful home items. So much time and precision is used to make each piece, the whole process was so interesting to watch and capture!

astrl 6
astrl 5

It is so special to know and learn how much time and work goes into independently made products and to have the opportunity to support that.

astrl 7

If you are in Belfast or in Studio Souk, make sure you pop upstairs to have a look at ASTRL Fibres studio space and purchase some of her unique handmade products.

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