Wild Thing

Wild Thing is a local botanical indoor plant shop that will fulfill all of your house plant dreams.

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From the moment I first stepped foot into Wild Thing, I fell in love! 

Since I started living in my own house I have become a little bit plant obsessed. Given that I don't have a garden I decided to create a garden indoors... by buying A LOT of indoor plants! Personally I think a bit of botanical styling in a home can really bring a room to life!

House plants have a number of benefits. They are good for your health, they release oxygen, they purify the air and they can be a real sanctuary for those who want to create their own indoor garden. 

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Wild Thing provide a range of plants to fit perfectly into your home...

If it's cacti that you love, then you're really in for a treat as they have a huge variety of cacti shapes and sizes!

If you're more of a lazy indoor gardener, then succulents are the perfect plant for you. They are easy to maintain and plus they look great on a windowsill or as a table centerpiece.

Although the plants at Wild Thing are sourced outside of Northern Ireland, the passion and ambition behind this little 'beam of green' based in Donaghadee is what pulls me in. I love meeting people who have created a business out of a passion.

Walking into Wild Thing is like walking into a small jungle. They have designed this place to satisfy your senses. Your eyes are drawn to the divine plants hanging from one end of the room to another as if on a vine, showing off each eye catching plant with its own personality, some sprouting down so low you can almost touch them and some being held in the most delightful ceramic pot holders. You will never want to leave!

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As well as selling glorious greenery, Wild Thing stock a number of local Northern Irish products such as Clean Slate Candles, Harch and Home wood products, Beeswax Candle Makers and Mcnutt of Donegal woolen knee blankets. These prodcuts fit into their high street shop perfectly, giving it that extra homely feel. 

Since changing from a pop-up shop open once a week in Newtownards and moving to a new bigger and brighter full time premises in Donaghadee, Wild thing have created a new haven for the plant lovers of this small town and beyond!

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